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2020-01-24 00:00:00
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2020-05-23 00:00:00
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  • Tier 1: Invite your friends and get 3% Bonus in eth
  • Tier 2: Invite your friends and get 2% Bonus in eth
  • Tier 3: Invite your friends and get 1% Bonus in eth

About ICO

TradeX Token is built on ERC20 Platform. This is one of the peer to peer crypto token which will bring revolution on your spending for blockchain technologies

TradeX Token is created by which supports only projects which are built on blockchain technologies having its real life utility. TradeX Token takes away the fear of data being stolen, your identity being sold, or credit card being charged without your authorization.

Donorchain is a protocol powered by TradeX token, a crypto based on advancement in technology backed by a trusted company, Blockchain Trading and Advisory Services Limited registered in the United Kingdom.

We have launched our own protocol, Donorchain protocol. Donorchain will be conducting STO using the TradeX Token to develop the complete protocol. This will cut across all healthcare sector and stakeholders associated with blood management. This will as well cut down blood bank fees and introduce a single price across the globe.

Token buyer who will purchase tokens in first 15 days will get 5% extra tokens


AirDrop of TradeX Token(TXH)@ CoinVisa Exchange

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